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Infertility that is Inability to conceive is not a curse. It could be due to many reasons, Can be a male factor, female factor or both could be responsible in a small way. Identifying the problem and choosing the correct treatment option is the key to the success of treatment. For this listening to the couple carefully, patiently and counseling each partner is important. Whatever tool one has in hand, one should know to apply it properly at appropriate time and outcome is with Divine grace, it will be successful.

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The Vijaya Fertility IVF and Endoscopy centre (Vijaya Institute of Medical Sciences) founded by Dr.N.P. Vijayalakshmy, MD, DGO, and FASRM; has the distinction of achieving the first Test tube baby of Kerala state, in May 1997. Conceived in 1996, the triplets were born in 1997. Dr. N. P. Vijayalakshmy, M. D, D. G. O, FASRM is the chief ART specialist of the centre. She started this centre in a small way, brought it up to the present stature, where she offers world-class service to her infertile patients. Dr.N.P. Vijayalakshmy while working in the Medical colleges of Kerala was a witness to Keralites leaving for other States for IVF treatment as no centre was available in Kerala. This resulted in Keralites having to cope up with languages unknown and in strange places. Inspired by the thought of providing facilities in Kerala itself and supported by her experience and training both in India and abroad, she pioneered the treatment of IVF in Kerala for the first time by starting the first IVF centre (The Vijaya Fertility IVF and Endoscopy centre).

The first fertility centre to successfully implement IVF (TEST TUBE BABY) and other ART service (diagnosing and curing by performing IVF, ICSI, PESA and TESA/ICSI/ET) in Kerala have been operational since 1996 at Kadavanthra, Ernakulam. So far more than thousands of live babies (from IVF /ICSI) have been born from this centre and there are several on-going pregnancies. This centre is among the first few centers in India to successfully setup and achieves pregnancies using the ICSI technique. This centre has till today carried out many treatment cycles of IVF and ICSI, with a high success rate of 40-45%. Also, more than thousands of intrauterine insemination cycles have been carried out with a success rate of 22 to 25%. This centre can proudly boast of having a high take-home baby rate, comparable to any of the best centers in the world. This Centre, also, has an equally active Endoscopy centre and has, so far, carried out more than ten thousands of laparoscopies for severe endometriosis severe adhesions, PCOD, myomas and hysteroscopy for uterine septolysis, sub mucus myomas removal, intrauterine adhesion, adhesolyis, polypectomy etc. She has received accolades both from within and outside the country. She believes in teamwork and provides infertility treatment at affordable cost.

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