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IVF is referred as In Vitro Fertilization. In this method, the follicles which are produced by giving hormone injections, are aspirated under ultrasound guidance and the eggs are picked up from the follicular fluid and eggs are kept in a petri dish and inseminated with sperms. The resulting embryos are transferred into the uterus.

As mentioned early the couple is counselled about the details about the procedure, the cost of the procedure, the number of days they have to visit the hospital for various test. The general success rate in our hospital and the probable success for that particular couple is also explained.

If the Woman is found to have "Hydrosalpinx" where there is distention of tube with the fluid, she is advised to undergo Laparoscopy procedure either to clip the tube near the uterine end or to remove the tube/tubes. This definitely enhances the success rate.

Hysteroscopy is advised to selected patients if any problem in the uterine cavity is detected. It is better to get it corrected before going for the expensive procedure IVF.

Authored By Dr. N.P. Vijayalakshmy MBBS, M.D., D.G.O

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