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Male Infertility

Causes of male infertility

  • Problems with ejaculation, decrease in the count of sperm or may be due to abnormal sperm are some of the causes of infertility in man.
  • Abnormalities in sperm may be caused due to
  • Low Motility
  • Varicocele
  • Undescended Testes


Male infertility can also be caused during ejaculation. Some of the problems caused during ejaculations are due to:

  • Premature ejaculation
  • Retrograde ejaculation
  • Erection dysfunctions
  • Problems from radiation surgery

Low sperm count can be due to:

  • Use of tobacco
  • Hormone disorder
  • Wearing tight underwear
  • Mumps
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals

Few other causes:

  • STD's
  • Certain types of medications

Initial Diagnosis of Male Infertility

  • Thorough Physical Examination
  • Semen analysis after 3 days abstinence.
  • Hormonal Evaluation in necessary cases.

Treatment for Male Infertility

   Male infertility can be treated in a conventional way. Some of the methods for treating male infertility are

  • Medications to increase sperm production
  • Avoiding long hot showers
  • Hormones
  • Antibiotics to cure an infection

If there is varicocele, surgery to correct it.

Ejaculatory disorders sometimes need consulting with psychologists.

If the woman is elderly and the man can collect the semen, you after sperm wash and depositing the semen in the uterus is an alternative method.

In retrograde ejaculation after emptying the bladder, we advise the patient to have contact and give that urine sample which is used to collect the sperms, which is processed and that sperms are deposited inside the uterus.

If there is hypo gonadotropism hormone injections are given to correct the sperm count and motility.

In obstructive Azoospermia direct aspiration for sperm from the epidymis is done by a process called PESA, those sperms are used to inject inside the egg to produce embryos.this embryos are transferred into the uterus.

Authored By Dr. N.P. Vijayalakshmy MBBS, M.D., D.G.O

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