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Physiological Changes

Pregnant women undergo certain physiological changes during the gestation period. In the case of a healthy pregnancy, it is normal to have these physiological changes. Pregnancy can be ordinary if these changes are maintained within their stipulated levels. Physiological changes during pregnancy can affect the major organ systems like endocrine system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system etc. An increase in all the major activities like an increase in cardiac output, breathing rate etc is essential to account for the physiological changes during pregnancy.H ence, one can understand the relevance of pregnancy care in monitoring these changes. These physiological changes in pregnancy are essential so that the fetus acquires all the components essential for its development. One such physiological change in pregnancy is the increase in oxygen intake by 20%. The maternal changes not only occur inside the body, but visible physical changes during pregnancy can also be noticed. The most visible physical change during pregnancy is the increase in bulging out of the abdominal area with an increase in fetal size. Summarizing, physical and physiological changes during pregnancy is quite usual and they are to be monitored at scheduled intervals.

Authored By Dr. N.P. Vijayalakshmy MBBS, M.D., D.G.O

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